What do YOU Aspire2?



The Aspire2Run approach is a customized running program, updated weekly according to your fitness, experience, goals and progress. Complimenting your running, your program includes twice-weekly strength-training sessions. Your training schedule is viewed via the world-class Training Peaks platform, and data from your GPS watch uploads to Training Peaks after your run. I review your progress each week and organise your subsequent week’s training based on these data and any lifestyle factors to be considered. This week-by-week approach is perfect for keeping your training on-track amidst a busy lifestyle, and the accountability ensures steady progress towards your goals.

Run programs cost $30/week and include free access to two run-specific strength-training sessions per week. Unable to make it to class? No problem, I’ll write you a program for at home/your gym.

Jo Wood

Jo Wood



I am an ardent supporter of strength-training. Not only does it deliver a magnitude of benefits in its own right, inclusion of strength-training within a structured running program:

1. Enhances running performance;

2. Speeds recovery from training;

3. Reduces injury risk.

The majority of seasoned runners are aware of the importance of strength-training. However, many omit it from their training schedules perhaps due to time-, knowledge- or equipment restraints. But introduce strength-training to your weekly schedule and you’ll never look back!

Even if you’re not a runner, weekly strength-training sessions are a fabulous way to improve your health, body composition and mind-set. My group outdoor-training sessions are fun, sociable and varied and cater for both runners and those looking for a solid full-body workout. 

Strength-training sessions cost $150 for a 10-session pass (Special Discount price of $100 for Trailblazers Members – see Partners tab for details of this awesome trail-running club).